The most adaptive retail spaces in the world

do your thing, where and when you want


Sook transforms empty, unused retail stores into digitally powered, experiential spaces for anyone to use.

There are 50,000 empty shops in the UK, with 14 closing every day.

We are reshaping British high streets by offering a contemporary rental model that works for retailers, landlords and everyone in between.

If you have a vacant space, or if you have ever thought about taking up physical space, for a week, a day or even just an hour then Sook is the solution for you.


Sook is a new model for retail

Sook Shop - Empty.png

take an empty space

We can quickly create a Sook within any physical space. This allows us to scale rapidly into any of the 50,000 empty shops in the UK, opening up physical spaces to not only existing high street retailers but also online retailers.

Not just for the established brands though, the flexibility of Sook reaches out to the independent and emerging brands, who have the power to entice new customers and new life to our high streets, benefiting all.

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Sook Shop - building.png

add our building blocks

Our bespoke fit out units are digitally enhanced with state of the art screen technology that allows rapid, flexible and creative installation in any space.

The space provides a versatile digital playground for tenants to use exactly as they wish.

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Now you have a sook space

1 space, digitally enhanced, ready for anyone to occupy as and when they wish, for as long as they wish.

Tenants can brand the digital fit out using our state of the art screen technology to their exact requirements at the touch of a button when their occupation starts.

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rented by the hour


Copy of This is my Yoga Store

This is a Sook Yoga Studio


This is a Sook Retail Store


This is a Sook Project Meeting


This is a Sook Exhibition Space

What will your Sook space be?